Pedro Serrano

Pedro Serrano is always looking for a story to tell, resulting in his irremediable insomnia. He truly enjoys directing actors; having studied the Stanislavsky method in Cuba and the Meisner method in São Paulo, he is equipped with tools to deal with the varied demands of each set. His short film “Dá Licença de Contar” won several national and international awards, including Best Film at the Gramado Film Festival and Best Film at the Bilbao International Film Festival. His also award-winning documentary “Adoniran – My Name is João Rubinato” was the opening film of the 2018 É Tudo Verdade Festival. In addition to his authorial work, he has directed music videos and advertisements for Heinz, Seara, Itaú, Shell, Nestlé, Natura, Adidas, LG, Elo, Ruffles, among others.